MIG C&C desk, Moscow/ RF

Dec 2003- During mutual business meetings DSEC and the Moscow based private security company MIG signed a co-operation agreement for covering consulting & security services on the Russian territory.


ASI Houston/ TX

Feb 2004- DSEC and the Houston/ Texas based Airsecurity Intl. agreed to work together in several security related projects.

ATAC, Czech republic

Oct 2012- ATAC the Czech counter terror academy and DSEC signed a co-op paper for working together in security projects  & training issues.

Lugano, Switzerland
Feb 2013- EVS a consulting company based in Switzerland and DSEC explained their interest to cooperate in future security projects.

Mar 2014 -ISECO - the German state of the art leader in SOF/ SWAT training and DSEC engaged to co-operate in course projects.


Sept 2014- At the GPEC Intl. Police exhibition in Leipzig/ Saxony DSEC & one of the international most recognized de-mining experts -Mr. Frank Masche- signed a co-operation agreement for mutual project support in hostile environments. 

Sep 2014- MPP & DSEC decided to bundle its capabilities for broadening the service to customers.