Oct 2013

In cooperation and hosted by our longstanding friends & business partners from the ATAC in Stod/ Czech Republic DSEC is able to customize training courses exactly on the clients needs and imaginations.  Please feel free to ask for details at any time:


CQB Course

May 2014

DSEC has been awarded with a PSD contract in South East Asia by Blacksand Group Inc./ USA. 

Hong Kong

BIC- Camp O3B earth station
August 2015

DSEC has been assigned by MEOSAT a Dubai based satellite service provider  for a consultancy contract in the Basrah oilfields.

Mar 2016

DSEC has been awarded with a contract by the famous German special training company ISECO.

Airborne Opīs Tr

Universal Warrior 96 hours course

May 2016

From June 29th to July 3rd the Universal Warrior course will be held at the Counter Terror Academy in Stod/ Czech Republic by our friends from ATAC. For further informations please have a look at: